Ophelie Rondeau portrait

say hello to
Ophelie Rondeau,
the founder of #ophelieandthegirls!

but who is Ophelie?



Ophelie Rondeau was born
in Cholet, France, at 11am
on June 5th.



She goes to drama school
in the Province of France.



Ophelie moves to Paris where
she tries plenty of different
jobs, being attracted to
various fields and therefore
unsure of what she wishes to
do as a career ; 
TV production assistant, co-
host for a radio talk show,
music PR, journalist and TV
casting assistant. She also
writes a book.



She moves to London,
becomes a live music
production assistant and
works with bands like Korn,
The Stone Roses, Coldplay,
Wiz Khalifa, Azealia Banks
and many more.

Ophelie models for the
first and last time, for
photographer Monibelle.



She takes a career break
following the birth of Coco,
and treats herself to a digital
camera to document the first
years of her daughter's life.



Ophelie receives her grand-
dad's camera as a xmas gift
from her grand-mother — a
Canon EOS 700, loaded with
a 35mm film roll containing
his last photos taken days
before his death, more than
17 years earlier.



After a couple of months
of experimenting with her
'new' camera, Ophelie
organises her first
photoshoot with models.

Three photoshoots later,
#ophelieandthegirls was
born as a hashtag for social

Five months later, Ophelie
is commissioned by Frank
Body, April Pool Day and

In 2015, she also creates and
curates Girls by Girls with
photographer Ashley Armitage.



Ophelie launches
Curated by Girls.

She moves to Berlin for
a change of scenery.
There she works closely
with American Apparel
and is listed as one of
Berlin's brightest fashion
photography talents by
Sleek magazine.

#ophelieandthegirls is
featured in most of the
popular publications ; i-D,
Dazed, Hunger, Grazia,
Teen Vogue, and more.

Ophelie is mentored by
Richard Kern.



signature style starts to
catch the attention of clients
such as the H&M Group,
Universal Music and Society6.

Ophelie shoots her first major
campaign, for Monki, which is
featured in stores across Asia
and Europe.

Her work is published in the
first GirlGaze book and exhibited
at The Annenberg Space for
Photography in Los Angeles for
five months.



Ophelie is commissioned by the
PRADA Group to photograph
Miu Miu's SS18 digital campaign
and to direct a short fashion film
for their website.

She moves back to London to
expand #ophelieandthegirls and
turns it into a platform which
regroups all of her interests :
photographic and videographic
content creation, publishing,
casting, production and curation.