© Unknown — Kenya

© Unknown — Kenya






Uniforms are commonly mandatory to wear in most schools — children are usually turned away if they fail to wear it. For developing countries (predominantly throughout Africa), this makes attending school difficult or even impossible for too many children and orphans. By donating just £5*, not only you are giving those children a chance to access basic education, but you’re also making a long-term impact on their future at a crucial time in their life.


Education is not a privilege, everyone deserves to receive it.


*All donations are welcome. No minimum or maximum amount is required. However big or small, each donation goes directly towards providing school uniform kits to the children in need.
Donations made before or on August 31st 2019 will help the children of Uganda during my trip to Entebbé in September 2019.


I will document your donation’s journey via social media to enable you to witness every step of it, from sourcing the uniforms to distributing them to the schools and orphanages, giving you the opportunity to realise how much pride and joy you are bringing to those children by gifting them with their own school uniforms.
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